Fulfillment Policies


Unless specified differently, goods are shipped within less than 3 weeks after ordering. They ship  through regular mail (by Österreichische Post AG) as priority business mail items (without insurance or tracking) if you chose the „Free Shipping“ option, or by DHL Express courier services, if you chose the „DHL Shipping“ option (at extra cost).

Refunds, Cancellations and Returns

If you cancel your order within the same day, or if I cancel it because I am unable to fulfill the order, you will be refunded a 100% of your costs. If you cancel later, but before the goods were shipped, I might deduce a small amount (less than 5% of the total) to cover for payment provider costs. I cannot refund you once the goods have been shipped, unless you first return the goods in complete and mint condition (no visible attempt to build the kit), at your own cost. A re-stocking fee of 5% of the total cost will be retained.

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